Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withAudacity, bitsy
Tagsmemoir, Minimalist
Average sessionA few minutes


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Really enjoyed this, thank you. Really inventive way to push Bitsy into new creative ways to tell stories.

I appreciate it Dan. 


Really interesting interface! It really suits the vibe of the game



Great aesthetic. Cozy. It's cool how player agency folds into the poetics of the whole thing.

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Thank you Isobel. Enjoyed your recent bitsy as well (looked up a few of the book titles as a result).


Woah, this is awesome! Such a great way to use bitsy and the paths are well-written. Really inspiring stuff!

Thank you. A few of the paths are simply palette swaps, but there's some variation in the writing as well as a "hidden" path that leads elsewhere. 

Glad you enjoyed it though!


very cool game system!

I appreciate it. I've been wanting to go all the way through Ghost School (definitely enjoyed the music / vibes of that one).

wow nice, thanku!


omfg this is SUCH a creative use of bitsy and i looved all the paths, great job!! 

I appreciate the kind words & enjoy what you've been able to come up with using bitsy as well.